Hearing Advisor


What happens during a hearing test?


A full hearing assessment will include the following two steps:

1. Initial consultation and detailed hearing aid test
2. Hearing aid fitting

It is very important that a family member or friend is present during the various stages of the consultation and fitting. This is because:

1. Detailed hearing test

A more detailed hearing test will be carried out during a consultation with a hearing care professional. The test will give the hearing aid audiologist a precise indication of the degree of hearing loss and what type of hearing loss the person has (see types of hearing loss)

Other things to expect:

It is at this point that an ear impression will be taken, if required. This is a soft material that is injected into the ear and is then left for a short time (3-5 minutes) while it hardens. The impression is then sent to the hearing aid manufacturers in order for them to build a hearing aid or mould that matches the shape and contours of your ear.

2. Hearing aid fitting

You will then be booked in for a hearing aid fitting. This is usually done 2 weeks after the initial consultation and will cover several areas:

What to do next?