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What does hearing loss sound like?


To have a hearing loss can be a very challenging problem to have, and it can be difficult to describe to someone who has ‘normal’ hearing what everyday noises now sound like to a person experiencing a hearing problem.

To gain an understanding of what it is like to have a hearing loss, please use the simulator below to experience the affects of different degrees of hearing loss

The mild loss simulator is a reflection of the average hearing loss of a person aged 60. The severe loss demonstrates the amount of information a person with this type of hearing loss misses out on

Click on the various links to compare the sounds

Speaker Restaurant Speaker Restaurant Mild Speaker Restaurant Severe
Kids Kids Mild Kids Severe
Birds Birds Mild Birds Severe
Beethoven Beethoven Mild Beethoven Severe

The hearing loss simulation is based on two algorithms which simulate recruitment [1] and spectral smearing [2].

[1] Moore, Brian, and Glasberg, Brian (1993): Simulation of the effects of loudness recruitment and threshold elevation on the intelligibility of speech in quiet and in background of speech. J. Acoust. Soc. Am, 94(4), 2050:2062

[2] Baer, Thomas, and Moore, Brian (1993): Effects of spectral smearing on the intelligibility of sentences in noise. J. Acoust. Soc. Am, 94, 1229:1241


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