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The signs of hearing loss


In most cases, hearing loss occurs gradually. It is painless and invisible and the deterioration is so gradual, it can go virtually unnoticed to the point where it appears ‘normal’ – but it’s not.

If you answer yes to three of more of the following questions, you could benefit from having a hearing assessment:

Hearing requirements change with time so, even if you have had a hearing test in the past or already wear a hearing aid, it is advisable to arrange a check-up every twelve months.

Identifying hearing loss in others

Do you know someone who demonstrates these common behaviours of hearing loss? It may be worth encouraging them to see a specialist:

If you suspect that yourself or a loved one may have a hearing loss as described above then please take our free 3 minute online hearing test or book a no obligation hearing test today with your local hearing care professional. It could be the first step towards unleashing a new quality of life for you.

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