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Roger technology for children


When hearing aids aren’t enough

Roger technology can help children hear over noise and distanceEven when your child is wearing the very latest hearing aid technology there will still be situations where they will struggle to hear and understand the voice of the speaker. As children learn speech and language from what they hear it is very important that your child is exposed to as much speech as possible in as many situations as possible. The main situations where they will struggle is when there is many people talking at once, background noise or a distance to overcome. And it is situations like this where Roger can help.

What is it?

Roger is the latest digital technology that bridges the understanding gap, in noise and over distance, by wirelessly transmitting the speaker’s voice directly to the child wearing the receivers on their hearing aids. As it brings the speaker’s words directly into the ear, it boosts speech understanding and enhances learning.

Product detail

Your hearing healthcare professional will be able to advise you specifically on the product that is right for you child and the situations they are in but below details the main products:

Roger receivers

In order for your child to use a Roger system they must have Roger receivers attached to their hearing aid or cochlear implant. The type of receiver required will depend on the hearing aid or cochlear implant your child is using, but a hearing healthcare professional can advise on this

The Roger pen can help your child to hear in group situations over noise and distanceThe Roger Pen

This discreet piece of equipment houses multiple microphone settings so it can be used to pick up one to one speech or group speech if placed in the middle of a table. The pen comes with a lanyard so it can be worn around the neck which is ideally if you are out and about in the park. Additional features include TV connectivity, audio input for multimedia devices as well as Bluetooth for mobile phone calling.

The Roger clip on mic is best for your childrens one to one situations over noise and distanceThe Roger Clip-On Mic

This wireless microphone clips onto the neck of the clothing of the speaker and is better for one to one communication, however being from the Roger family the benefits of speech understanding over noise and distance are still present. The mic also includes audio input and TV connectivity.

Where can it help?

The Roger technology can help your child’s hearing in any situation where there is a lot of noise and a distance to cover. To see specifically how it can help in different situations download our leaflet. Or visit the solutions for home and outside pages.

To see what people think of the Roger system why not watch our video below - or read our case studies that can be found here.

Where can I get it?

There are a few dispensers that can off you advice on the best Roger system for your child. The search box below will allow you to find your closest provider where you can book a face to face appointment, or alternatievley the top two providers in the search results list the products on their website so can offer advice and the system to anyone in the UK. These providers are distinguished as nationwide in the results.

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