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Hearing tests for children


A person of any age can be given a hearing test, even a newborn infant. The hearing ability of all children including newborns and young toddlers can be evaluated by objective measurement techniques called brainstem auditory evoked response (ABR, BAER or BSER) or otoacoustic emissions (OAE). These tests can be performed as the child sleeps or rests, often shortly after birth in the nursery before leaving the hospital. They are brief, painless and help determine exactly what is wrong.

There are additional observational testing methods called behavioural testing and conditioned play audiometry, which can provide very useful information about a child‘s ability to hear well before they are capable of cooperating in a regular hearing test. Because of this, appropriate treatments can be provided sooner than ever before.

The scientific method for measuring hearing loss (and sound in general) is in decibels (dB). The results of hearing tests are charted on an audiogram by the physician/ audiologist, which allows them to understand the level and type of hearing loss and therefore advise on the appropriate treatment options.

If you are worried about your childs hearing and think they need a hearing test then contact your GP.

If your child has already been diagnosed then visit our hearing aids for children or hearing aid accessories for children section.

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