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These days there is a huge range of technology and support available for children with a hearing loss, which means that there shouldn’t be any reason why they aren’t able to reach their full potential. Using the right hearing system as early as possible allows children to understand and absorb all the important sounds they need to hear - from a parents’ words in the cot to a teacher’s instructions at school.

There are a number of different hearing aid technologies and styles available to choose from. Which one you choose is dependent on a range of factors, such as preference, lifestyle and which is most suitable for your child.

A hearing Care Professional will be able to talk you through all the options that are available and give independent advice as to which product they feel will be most suitable for your child’s needs.

Hearing aid design features for children

If your child has been assessed and requires a hearing aid then you will need to attend a specialist fitting as children's ears are obviously much smaller than adults.  It is vital you monitor their progress on a regular basis as, just like adults, children will take time to adjust to their new hearing aid and after a few weeks you will need to return for a check up to ensure the fit is still correct. As children grow, their ears grow with them, so careful ongoing attention is required to ensure that the fit of their hearing aid remains comfortable and a larger replacement is fitted when required. 

Showing your son or daughter how to take good care of their hearing aid is an important step, as this will ensure a greater longevity of the device. You may also want to remind them to alert you if it feels uncomfortable as it may mean that they require a different or larger fit.

For most children a hearing aid is likely to be an endless source of fascination and fortunately children's hearing aids are built to be more robust and simple to use than their adult counterparts. They are designed to have smaller batteries making them easier to fit and some can also be fitted with a digital processor to help block out unwanted noise.

Initially, it is likely that they’ll want to show it off to their friends in the playground, so don’t be surprised if they take it in and out on a regular basis – it’s even likely to be dropped a number of times. Children’s hearing aids are made of stronger materials with good reason and over time you will be able to explain to your child that it is better for them to leave the hearing aid alone and not to play with it too much.

Once fitted with a hearing aid you may find that your child still has difficulty hearing in certain situations especially when there is back ground noise or a distance to cover. There is now technology available to tackle this. To find out more please visit the Roger technology page.

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