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Childrens hearing loss


Hearing loss in children
Hearing loss, or a hearing impairment, is a full or partial loss of the ability to detect sound. It is most commonly caused by an abnormality associated with the anatomy or function of the ...Read More
Hearing tests for children
A person of any age can be given a hearing test, even a newborn infant. The hearing ability of all children including newborns and young toddlers can be evaluated by objective measurement ...Read More
Hearing aids for children
These days there is a huge range of technology and support available for children with a hearing loss, which means that there shouldn’t be any reason why they aren’t able to reach ...Read More
Hearing aid accessories for children
As mentioned on the hearing loss in children page in order to communicate effectively children need to be exposed to spoken language from birth as they learn speech and language from listening to ...Read More
Roger technology for children
When hearing aids aren’t enough Even when your child is wearing the very latest hearing aid technology there will still be situations where they will struggle to hear and understand the ...Read More
Solutions for different situations
Even with hearing aids your child may still have difficulty hearing everything around them in certain places, below takes you through the different challenges they face and the solutions that can ...Read More
Finding help for your child
Where can I find help for my child? If your child has a hearing loss, there are professionals who are able to offer you support and guidance. Below is a list of some of the professionals you ...Read More

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