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Hearing Loss


What is hearing loss
Hearing loss, or a hearing impairment, is a full or partial loss of the ability to detect sound. It is most commonly caused by an abnormality associated with the anatomy or function of the ...Read More
How do ears work?
The ear is a very complex organ comprising of three parts. The Outer Ear, Middle Ear and Inner Ear. It is important that each part is functioning correctly for us to hear properly. Let’s ...Read More
I think I have hearing loss
Hearing loss is a gradual process that others may notice before you do. But if you think you have a hearing loss this section will provide more information on the signs and solutions ...Read More
How can I prevent hearing loss?
The ear is a very fragile structure. While it is not always possible to prevent hearing loss from developing – such as age related, illness or genetic hearing impairment - by following the ...Read More
Hearing loss refers to a reduced ability to hear sounds like other people do, while deafness refers to the inability to understand speech through hearing, even when sound is amplified. Profound ...Read More

Hearing Loss


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