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Phonak CROS


Phonak CROS Hearing Aids


Phonak CROS is the smallest wireless CROS system on the market

Designed for users with a unilateral hearing loss the Phonak CROS is the smallest wireless CROS system on the market. Available in a BTE or an ITE Phonak CROS transmits sound from the dead ear over to the good ear using our unique wireless technology.

Phonak CROS can be configured as a CROS or Bi-Cros dependent on the clients requirements.

Phonak CROS are available in a number of colours to match skin tones and lifestyle.

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Phonak CROS Fitting Range Chart Graphic Phonak CROS fitting range


Discover the Phonak CROS range



The Phonak CROS ITE is a wireless transmitter that is custom made to fit perfectly into the client’s dead ear.

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The smallest of the CROS BTE's this fits behind the client's dead ear and transmits the sound over to the opposite ear.

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Phonak CROS H20

The Phonak CROS H20 is a wireless transmitter that fits behind the client’s dead ear. The H20 offers water resistancy and extended battery life over the smallest Cros BTE

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