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When you first start to use a hearing aid it can be frustrating as your body needs to adapt to all the noises which are now being amplified. Bear in mind that even though you have a hearing aid there will still be some high frequency sounds you won't be able to hear so you may need to look at things such as your mobile phone ring tone and adjust the tone to something that works for you.

Most people also struggle initially to filter out background noise, however it is worth persevering with this because eventually you will learn to tune out the irrelevant noise and focus on the things you want to hear. Depending on the model of hearing aid you have chosen it may be possible to block out some of this noise, so try not to get too irritated and remember you are training your body to adapt to this new gadget, which will take time.

As you learn to adjust to your new hearing aids it will help if you change the way you communicate. Some things to bear in mind include:

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