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Zoe Alexander - Lyric


Zoe Alexander a 22-year-old Charity Volunteer was diagnosed with sensory-neural hearing loss at the age of 14 and then suffered with depression making her feel anxious and apprehensive.

“Being diagnosed with hearing loss was a devastating experience and something I chose to ignore until I couldn’t cope anymore. I was completely against having a hearing aid fitted because I found it humiliating and wanted to be like the rest of my friends.”

After her first year at university, Zoe found herself unable to cope in social situations any longer and visited Imperial Hearing on Westbury Hill, Bristol where she was fitted with the new Phonak Lyric device, offering one of the most discreet hearing experiences on the market.

Zoe said: “The Phonak Lyric appealed to me straight away because it is tiny and pretty much invisible, it is fitted out of sight in the ear canal and I can wear it for months on end – even while sleeping, exercising or in the shower. It has changed everything!”

Zoe was nominated for the award by Simon Wendland, audiologist at Imperial Hearing in Bristol, who said: “Zoe has been able to enjoy life in the way that any 22-year-old should after being fitted with the Lyric hearing aid.”



Click here for more information about the Lyric device and to make an appointment.

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