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Jessica-Jane Clements Real-Hustle TV star, actress and model, was fitted with a Lyric hearing aid in 2012 after an illness in 2005 left her deaf in one ear. Read the full story below:

Jessica-Jane Clements was fitted with Lyric the invisible hearing aid in 2012It was during the blazing hot summer in 2005, Jessica-Jane returned home, after a walk with a friend, and noticed a strange ringing noise in her right ear.

“It was a constant ringing sound and, as the ringing faded over the day, my hearing just disappeared.”

“I didn’t know it had gone at first. For about an hour I was convinced my phone was broken because I couldn’t hear the person speaking at the other end - and then it hit me, I had completely lost the hearing in my ear”

Jessica-Jane suffered from Labyrinthitis, an inner ear infection which causes the delicate structure deep inside your ear, the labyrinth, to become inflamed. The exact cause of Labyrinthitis is not yet known. It may be related to a viral infection, occasionally a bacterial infection, or even a simple upper respiratory infection.

In mild cases it temporarily affects your hearing and balance, but unfortunately, in Jessica-Jane’s case – the hearing loss was permanent.

“For the following few weeks it felt as though I had just come back from a big night on the town. I couldn’t walk properly, my balance was terrible and I was violently sick. I moved home from London and spent the next six weeks recovering”

The first year was very tough. “I became depressed, was embarrassed about my condition and thought my career was over. My poor mother had to endure me sobbing on her shoulder countless times.”

 “Over time I learnt to cope with my single sided deafness. I learnt to do simple things that make a difference, like choosing my place at a dinner table so that I can hear everyone and slowly got over the embarrassment by talking about it”.Lyric is fitted deep within the ear canal giving superb sound quality

In July 2012, Jessica-Jane was fitted with a brand new hearing device called Lyric. Labelled ‘the contact lens for the ear’, the Lyric is fitted deep inside the ear canal and is worn comfortably for 24 hours a day, for up to three months at a time.

“It’s perfect for me because you can’t see it at all. Being an actress I have to wear my hair up a lot, and with constant close-ups and everything filmed in HD - I didn’t really want to have a hearing device that I have to keep taking out and putting back in again – I’d just end up losing it”.

“I can now talk to people whether they are on my left or right side. I don't have to re-arrange an entire table anymore!”

 “During my first year I researched a lot, looking for other people who work as actors and actresses who suffer with hearing loss. I found out Rob Lowe was born with hearing loss - I really admire his work and I found this reassuring.”

“People shouldn’t be embarrassed about hearing loss, it is much more common than you think”.

Jessica-Jane also recorded this video about her experience - watch it below:

Lyric - the invisible hearing aid from Phonak, is only available in a selected number of outlets throughout the UK and Ireland. Find out more by booking an appointment with your nearest partner today:

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