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Jayne Leadbeater - Phonak Ambra


Jayne Leadbeater a primary school teacher who is a keen trombonist in her spare time entered the ‘Hear My Story’ competition after struggling to hear the children in her class when they asked or answered questions.

Jayne said: “I work with young children with fairly high-pitched and quiet voices and I really struggled to hear them unless I was very near - it was so bad at times that I even had to resort to only asking the children near the front questions! I also play the trombone in a ten-piece band but always felt as if I was playing at the bottom of a swimming pool, with everything sounding very dull and fuzzy.”

Jayne visited Clear Hear at Barbourne Medical Practice, Worcester, where she was fitted with the Phonak Ambra device that offers one of the most advanced hearing experiences on the market.

Jayne said: “So many aspects of my life have changed and enhanced as a result of my Phonak Ambra hearing aids - they have been absolutely amazing. My trombone playing has improved and my family is especially pleased that I no longer shout whenever I speak!”

Jayne was nominated for the award by Charmain Leek, audiologist at Clear Hear at Barbourne Medical Practice, Worcester, who said “Since having the Phonak Ambra device fitted Jayne has been able to do things that were impossible before like watch films without subtitles, hear the phone ring and go to parties without worrying about spending all night asking people to repeat themselves! She can even keep her hair short as the Ambra hearing aids are very discreet.”

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