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Denise Adams - Phonak Audéo S Smart


Denise Adams, a grandmother of two who lived with substantial hearing loss for a number of years entered the competition after facing up to her fears and seeking medical care following persistent requests from her husband to seek help.

Denise, 64, said: “I had been suffering from hearing loss for so long and had refused to do anything about it. My husband was getting tired of repeating himself and having to put up with how loud I had the TV and radio, so he persuaded me to seek medical help. I was also finding social situations increasingly difficult and began avoiding taking part in full conversations, so I finally struck up the courage to go.”

Denise visited Clarity Hearing Solutions on the High Street, Christchurch, where she was fitted with a new Phonak Audéo S Smart device.

She said: “The Audéo hearing device has opened up a whole new ball game for me by allowing me to hear like never before. I can now attend my local horticultural society without any worries because I know I’ll be able to hear the guest speakers. It also means I can hear my two beautiful grandchildren’s voices perfectly without having to be standing right next to them.” 

Denise was nominated for the award by Heather Cowell, audiologist at Hearing Solutions in Dorset, who said: “Having the Phonak device fitted has meant that Denise has been able to live her life to the maximum by pursuing her love of watching live stand-up comedy without worrying that she wouldn’t be able to hear the punch lines!”

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