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Ben Lancaster - Lyric


Ben an ex-member of the Armed Forces who has recently returned from a tour of Afghanistan suffered severe hearing loss during an IED strike while serving in Afghanistan.

Ben, 23, said: “The shock of losing my hearing had an instant impact on my life as well as affecting my personal relationships. I found social situations increasingly difficult and began shying away from taking part in full conversations.”

Ben visited The Hearing Care Centre in Colchester, where he was fitted with the new Phonak Lyric device that offers one of the most discreet hearing experiences on the market.

Ben said: “The Lyric hearing aid device is absolutely fantastic and has had an instant impact on my life. My hearing feels as good as it was before the accident and it has helped improve the relationship with my wife which had been suffering due to my damaged hearing.”

Ben was nominated for the award by Vicki Skeels, Managing Director and audiologist at The Hearing Care Centre in Colchester. Vicki said: “Since having the Phonak Lyric device fitted Ben’s personal relationships have improved and he can even keep them in when he sleeps, showers and exercises, meaning that he hasn’t had to change his daily routine at all!”


Click here for more information about the Lyric device and to make an appointment.

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