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Roger Pen - for phone calls


The Roger Pen that can be used for phone calls comes with a docking station to help with charging The Roger Pen allows you to connect to Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and smartphones to make and receive phone calls.

Once the Roger Pen is paired with your phone you will hear incoming calls directly in your hearing aids and be able to operate the call using the Roger Pen.

During a phone call, keep your mobile phone on you. Bluetooth’s range (the maximum distance between Roger Pen and the phone) is 1–3 meters / 3–10 ft. Outside of this range the connection may be lost or drop in and out. Bluetooth calls will always take priority over the audio input function of your Roger Pen.

What is it Used With?

The Roger Pen is used with miniature Roger receivers, which attach directly to hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Experience Roger Pen

The Roger Pen can also be used in a variety of different listening situations. Watch our video below to see how it can be used:

For more details about the Roger Pen find your local provider here.

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