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Roger Pen


The Roger pen comes with a docking station for chargingThe Roger Pen is a cutting-edge wireless microphone that enables people with hearing loss to hear and understand more speech in loud noise and over distance.

It does this by transmitting the speech sound from the microphone directly to your hearing aids. The pen will also recognise when you enter a noisy situation and will automatically adjust itself to give you the best listening experience.

Built on game-changing Roger technology, this fully automated solution is proven to perform better than any wireless microphone in the industry. It can be used as a standalone microphone or alongside other Roger Pens or the Roger Clip-On Mic.

When to Use It

Challenging listening situations:

What is it Used With?

The Roger Pen is used with miniature Roger receivers, which attach directly to hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Experience Roger Pen

View our video below to see how the Roger Pen can be used in a variety of different situations:

For more details about the Roger Pen find your local provider here.



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