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Stephen Ratcliffe - Roger Pen


Stephen Ratcliffe reviews the Roger Pen:

Stephen Ratcliffe uses a Roger Pen to help him hear over noise and distanceI’ve been using the Roger Pen for a few months now and it just gets better and better. I am severely sight impaired, no hearing in my left ear and not much in my right.

Using the Roger Pen has made such a difference.


The most important person I need to hear is my wife!

We can now have a normal conversation in the car.  She no longer needs to speak loudly or repeat things.  What had become a period of prolonged silence is now back to an enjoyable experience.

On a recent touring holiday she was able to describe the scenery and points of interest as we motored along.

Pre Roger, when reading out information to me she had to speak in a voice loud enough to be mistaken for an official tour guide.

When shopping her side of the conversation was loud enough for everyone to know what we wanted to buy or she would have to get close to my ear and appear to whisper.  

Now I can hear quite clearly what she says in the previously impenetrable background noise of the shopping mall.

Before I used the Roger Pen I had started to opt out of conversations with more than one person in a relatively quiet environment.  Now, when we have friends around, I simply place the Roger Pen on the coffee table and am able to hear what people are saying and experience the absolute joy  of  being  able to join in.

At a recent conference the guest speaker wore the Roger Pen and I was able to hear what she was saying from about 10 metres away.  At the end of the conference, as people were leaving, I went over for a quick chat in what was a very noisy environment. She was still wearing the Roger Pen and we were able to converse quite normally. This is not something I would have done previously. My next challenge is to ask questions from the floor and risk entering into a public conversation.


Before I started using the Roger Pen I would use the speaker facility on my mobile phone. Now I wear the Roger Pen which connects to my hearing aid via Bluetooth and can now enjoy private conversations and speaking at a normal volume.

I can’t see well enough to watch television in the normal situation so I do my viewing at the computer screen. I used to plug in headphones. Now I can hear most of what is said without any physical connection to the computer. This is wonderful. No more having to remember to disconnect myself or buy replacement headphones. Simply being able to reach across the computer desk without risking neck injury has removed a small, but not insignificant, source  of tension.

I’ve just realised, as I am dictating this to the computer, that using Roger in the house has removed some areas of stress I wasn’t aware of.  I still have to listen carefully but now I need to ask people to repeat things less frequently. This means that conversations flow more naturally as I spend less time working out what they have said and have more time to think about what they meant.

I don’t know much about the psychology of hearing but I have a sneaking suspicion that the less worried I am about mishearing somehow contributes to an improvement in the process.

Using the Roger Pen has increased what I am able to hear in situations where there is significant background noise and enabled me to reengage in interactions with fellow human beings, another way of putting this would be to say that I am less isolated.

This device won’t cure my poor hearing but it certainly makes being with people less of a challenge and more of a pleasure.


To find out more about the Roger Pen and whether it can help you in different listening situations contact your nearest provider.

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