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Music student Eloise benefits from Roger


Eloise Garland benefits from Roger technologyEnjoying music again!

My name is Eloise Garland and I am a student studying music at City University London with vocal performance at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

I began suffering from tinnitus aged 7 but wasn't fitted with my hearing aids until I was a teenager.

I first noticed that music didn't sound 'quite as good' when I was about 11 and a chorister at St Asaph Cathedral Choir. I thought that maybe I just didn't enjoy it as much anymore, but it turned out that I was losing the overtones - the frequencies that make music 'sparkle.'

As I was a teenager when I got my first hearing aids, I was very self conscious and avoided wearing them. I had a colour that matched my hair at first and didn't tell any of my friends about the problems that I was experiencing with my hearing. I struggled up until I was in 6th form when I was given the opportunity to try a Phonak Smartlink FM system - something which really helped during my day-to-day activities. This is when I became more confident about my hearing loss with thanks to a group of people on Facebook who encourage people to decorate their hearing aids. I now decorate my pink hearing aids to suit my mood or any occasions!

At school, teachers would take great pleasure in whispering into the microphone during assemblies, saying things like "Eloise, can you tell the girl next to you to put her phone away." I would then have to awkwardly nudge people beside me, telling them that the teacher had asked something of them!

The Roger system is much clearer than the two generations of the Phonak Smartlink that I used to use. As a musician, it has opened up a new world to me as it is so simple to plug the system into any audio device to listen to crystal-clear music. Obviously this quality of sound is very important to my studies as well as my general lifestyle and hobbies.

Also, the way the Roger can filter out excess sound is amazing - within a noisy environment, I can hear one voice isolated from everything else. During group discussions, meetings, or in environments such as restaurants, I can place the Roger Pen on the table and hear everyone clearly without the excess background noise. Because it looks like a pen, it just blends in to the background and no questions are asked. I just wish it was invented earlier!"

Eloise talks about the Roger system on video and this can be viewed below:

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