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Jacqui Hames - Roger technology


Jaqui Hames was provided with roger technology and hearing aidsCrime TV presenter, Jacqui Hames has been suffering with hearing loss for two years, and was recently provided with Phonak hearing aids and Roger technology.

Jacqui started to notice small signs of hearing loss 2 years ago but was diagnosed with hearing loss later on in the same year after a winter virus escalated the hearing loss and made it permanent.

Once diagnosed Jacqui was advised that she would need hearing aids and says that “When the doctor told me I was permanently hard of hearing and needed hearing aids I went numb and felt so alone.” 

Jacqui wanted to keep her hearing loss hidden; even going as far as blaming the fact she struggled to hear in conversations on having a cold and her ears being blocked. “I used to pass the blame and say that I had a cold or my ears were blocked to cover up the fact that I’ve lost my hearing, to be honest I panicked about what everyone else would say if they knew I had hearing loss.”

But it wasn’t just in normal conversations that Jacqui struggled in noisy environments her hearing became worse and it became difficult to keep up her secret. Jacqui admits “It’s hugely frustrating, stressful and very tiring because you have to concentrate so hard on trying to listen that it’s absolutely exhausting.”

Initially Jacqui was fitted with NHS hearing aids and says: “I struggled to adapt to them, it wasn’t so much the noise but the clarity, and I used to have severe headaches as a result.” 

After hearing that Jacqui was struggling Help in Hearing in Marlow, Buckinghamshire provided Jacqui with a new pair of hearing aids and Roger technology so that Jacqui could interact and hear others around her on a level she had not previously been able to since developing a hearing loss.

“Like any busy noisy household with teenagers wandering around, I've struggled to follow TV programmes, and more often than not just given up. However the Roger pen really helps focus the sound so I don't miss the all important dialogue - particularly when there's a dramatic ending! It's so much more relaxing as well, as I'm not straining to hear all the time.

The Roger device is really useful in the car, having people talking to me in the back seat when I'm driving, has always been a real difficulty for me. With the Roger pen on the back seat I now have crystal clear sound - and my kids can't get away with moaning about me under their breath, ha!

Talking to groups of people is stressful for most of us, but when you struggle to hear questions from the group, or simple comments, the pressure is really on. Placing the Roger device on the other side of the room takes all the pressure away so I can hear clearly what people at the back are saying. It used to be so embarrassing having to constantly ask people to repeat themselves. This is a brilliant, unobtrusive, idea which really helps and takes away some of the stress so I can concentrate on the job at hand.”

If you would like to find out more about how hearing aid accessories like the Roger pen could help you in different situations contact your nearest provider.

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