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7yr old twins are helped by Roger technology


The Quinn Twins hear better with Roger technologyOliver and William from Berkshire were the first to be fitted with the new Roger technology in the UK

Oliver and William were born 28-weeks prematurely and diagnosed with moderate to severe hearing loss during a routine screening program at just 8-weeks old.

Their father, Frank, said: ‘The process was made particularly upsetting because when the first indicated that the boys weren’t interpreting sounds, we were told that the equipment was probably faulty. Although it quickly came to light that this was not the case and that they had a hearing loss’.

Despite experiencing a difficult start in life, the boys have not let having a hearing impairment stand in their way. Frank said: ‘Oliver is very creative, he loves music (playing the recorder), singing and dancing. He is also a very good swimmer for his age. William is more physical and enjoys running, football, Star Wars and Moto GP’.

The boys go to the Coombes C of E primary School in Arborfied where they are in the same Year 1 class. Frank said: ‘Their hearing loss has created many issues at home over the years. Some of these include communicating with them when they are upstairs, when we’re at the park or out for a meal in a loud restaurant. Looking after and servicing their hearing aids is also a constant task, as well as making sure they remember where they leave their aids when they removing them which is only when they go to sleep or for a bath’.

Oliver & William have both worn Phonak Naída S devices for the past 5 years, and they were the first children in the UK to be fitted with the new Roger technology in September 2013.

Frank said: ‘Since the boys have been using Roger, the difference has been amazing. The sound quality, the interaction and the smile you get when it’s switched on are priceless.  They actually want to engage with you. Not only is it effective, but they like the fact it’s ‘cool’ and technical and they enjoy helping to set it up in the morning’.

He said: ‘Oli and Wills continually amaze us with their ability to adapt and overcome. The new Roger system has made day-to-day interaction easier for them and the sound quality has opened up a whole new world of hearing for them’.

‘Based on our experience so far, I would wholly recommend Roger to any parent who wants to give their child real access to real sounds. The difference is amazing - I experienced this at a bowling alley where the boys were getting frustrated with me because I couldn't hear them but they could hear me. Their conversational speech has improved beyond belief and they are now able to engage in conversation at dinner or when we go to a restaurant where they wouldn’t have been able to do so before.’

He added: ‘It’s an all round better system and the real benefit has been using it during speech and language sessions to allow them to really clearly appreciate the sounds. Their speech responses have really improved too by integrating the system into their language therapy’.

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