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3 year old Keira's parents describe how Roger has helped


Keira uses Roger at home to help her hearFor 3 year-old Keira Ridley, hearing loss has become second nature

Keira was born 9 weeks premature and at 6 weeks old, she failed her first hearing screening test and her family were told she had mild to moderate hearing loss.

John (Father) and Lynn (Mother) found this time extremely unsettling. John says: “Not knowing what type of hearing loss Keira had or the extent of it, affected us incredibly badly as we were constantly unsure of what this meant for Keira’s future.”

Before she received her first hearing aid at the age of 18 months (in December 2011) John admits it was a challenge to communicate with Keira at home “We were never sure if she was ignoring us or just simply couldn’t hear.”

ohn says: “Every time we put her to bed, we’d turn the lights off and say goodnight and we’d never actually know if she heard or understood because she couldn’t see our lips, it was devastating.”

Keira’s other senses have developed significantly as a result of having hearing loss. Though she is only three, Keira has learnt to lip-read. John said: “I think it’s because when she didn’t have hearing aids, lip-reading was her way of trying to understand what we were saying, so by the time she was three she had gotten used to it.”

Just by the click of a button which ensures connectivity, Keira now uses the Roger system at home to stream music or sounds from the telly and iPad - just like any other child would use headphones.

Keira has adapted to Roger incredibly. John says: “We’ve noticed a big difference and we certainly feel that Keira can hear far better with the Roger device than she ever has before.”

John added: “We try and keep her routine at home and in general as normal as possible. Roger has helped massively in enabling Keira to live her life like a normal child and we couldn’t be feeling any more positive about the future.”

Keira was fitted with the Roger system by her local audiologist Paul Minikin, at Digital Hearing Care - www.fmhearingsystems.co.uk

John and Lynn talk on video about the Roger system and this can be viewed below:

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