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Hearing aid accessories


Cleansing and Care Line
The fresh and friendly designed cleansing product line for hearing instruments. Modern hearing instruments are durable, easy-to-use and reliable. Nevertheless, a few simple precautions will ...Read More
In noise and over distance
Sometimes hearing aids just aren't enough and this is especially true when trying to hear over noise and distance and this is where wireless accessories can help. The below shows a variety of ...Read More
TV and multimedia
If you are struggling to hear the TV or music in your house while still wearing your hearing aids then you may benefit from a wireless ...Read More
Phone calls
You may still struggle to hear on your phone when wearing hearing aids but there are a variety of accessories that can ...Read More
Remote Controls
Remote controls allow you to control your hearing aids at a touch of a ...Read More
Hearing accessories testimonials
Below are some case studies from people that are using different accessories to improve their hearing in different listening ...Read More

Hearing aid accessories


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