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SoundSuccess™ By Advanced Bionics

SoundSuccess by Advanced BionicsSoundSuccess is a unique online program developed for people wearing hearing aids, considering a cochlear implant, or who recently received a cochlear implant. The resource has been designed to help improve your confidence in using hearing technology, ease of understanding different speakers and ease of listening in noisy environment.

SoundSuccess features a wide range of self-directed exercises to explore on your computer or tablet, that can be completed anytime, anywhere.

For further information or to find out how to access SoundSuccess, email  Advanced Bionics at spp.uk@advancedbionics.com


BabyBeats™ Early Intervention Resource by Advanced Bionics

BabyBeats from Adavanced BionicsDiscover a musical journey of sound, music, and voice helping little ones learn to listen and communicate.

Children should begin developing communication skills during the very first year of their lives. How can the benefits of Early Intervention be maximised for families with children who have a hearing loss? For families with children experiencing hearing loss, BabyBeats from Advanced Bionics is a motivating, fun program to foster listening and communication development in natural settings, both before and after using hearing aids or receiving cochlear implants.*

The BabyBeats Early Intervention Pack is available now from Advanced Bionics. Designed to get families started immediately, using musical activities for communication development, the pack contains:

Begin the musical journey today!

For further information please email Advanced Bionics at spp.uk@advancedbionics.com

*The BabyBeats resource has been developed for children at the start of their hearing journey, including children wearing hearing aids and/or awaiting cochlear implants or those who have already received an Advanced Bionics device.


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