Hearing Advisor


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Am I a candidate for cochlear implants?
If you are struggling to hear with hearing aids, you may be a candidate for cochlear implants. Consult with your hearing health professional to determine whether cochlear implants are the right solution for your hearing loss.
2. What will it sound like when I hear with a cochlear implant?
Everyone is different and the hearing experience is unique to each person. The majority of recipients say that the sound they receive and understand improves with time. Regular practice is important to help improve listening.
3. I have been told that I have nerve deafness. Would a cochlear implant system help with this?
Most cases of “nerve deafness” are actually instances of cochlear damage rather than nerve damage. Talk to a hearing health professional to find out if this is true in your case. A cochlear implant works by bypassing the damaged cells in the cochlea to directly stimulate the hearing nerve.
4. Would I be able to upgrade my cochlear implant system to keep up with future technological advances?
Advanced Bionics has developed its system to be fully upgradeable so that you can take advantage of tomorrow’s technology with today’s implant.
5. What is the implantation like?
Cochlear implantation is relatively simple and minimally invasive. In most cases, implantation is done on an outpatient basis. Many recipients return home the same day and resume their normal activities within a week.

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