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Cochlear Implants


What is a cochlear implant?
A cochlear implant is an electronic device designed to provide enhanced sound perception and the potential for greater speech understanding for children and adults with significant hearing ...Read More
How does a cochlear implant work?
Cochlear implants help people with significant hearing loss. This type of hearing loss occurs when the very tiny hair cells in the inner ear (cochlea) have become too damaged or are completely ...Read More
Why do people get a cochlear implant?
Significant hearing loss can make people feel cut off from the hearing world. They miss the everyday sounds normal hearing people take for granted and can feel isolated and left out. People ...Read More
What can cochlear implant users or parents expect?
As each cochlear implant user is unique, no one can predict exactly how much benefit you or your child will receive from a cochlear implant, because many individual factors contribute to the ...Read More
Are you or your child a candidate for cochlear implants?
Are You a Candidate for Cochlear Implants? I have difficulty following conversations without lip reading. I hear pretty well in quiet environments, but struggle in noisy environments ...Read More
Cochlear implants from Advanced Bionics
Whether you are considering a cochlear implant for yourself or a loved one, Advanced Bionics (AB)  is the best choice for hearing your world. AB offers the world’s most advanced ...Read More
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Am I a candidate for cochlear implants?   If you are struggling to hear with hearing aids, you may be a candidate for cochlear implants. Consult with your hearing health ...Read More
Connecting with cochlear implant users
Connecting with Cochlear Implant Users The information provided on the Hearing Advisor website is designed to help potential candidates, friends, and family understand the benefits of cochlear ...Read More
Useful resources
SoundSuccess™ By Advanced Bionics SoundSuccess is a unique online program developed for people wearing hearing aids, considering a cochlear implant, or who recently received a cochlear ...Read More
What to do next
Anyone who thinks a cochlear implant may benefit them or their child should talk to their ENT doctor or audiologist. If appropriate, your hearing health professional will refer them to a cochlear ...Read More

Cochlear Implants


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