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Interview with Ben Rushgrove


By Karen Redfern

Ben Rushgrove Team GBBen Rushgrove

GB Paralympic team

  • Ben is part of the GB Paralympic team and is hoping to participate in the 100m and 200m in London 2012
  • He returned from the World Championships with a silver in the 100m and a bronze in the 200m
  • He also won a silver in the 100m T36 category at the Beijing Paralympic Games

What is your greatest sporting achievement to date?

I have 2 of them that can't be separated. Winning the Paralympic Silver medal in Beijing and breaking the 200 meter world record.

How are you preparing for the London Paralympics?
Preparations are going well, although there is a lot happening before then.

Ben black and white

What is a ‘typical’ day for you?
A typical day normally starts with breakfast (it really is the most important meal of the day) followed by structuring, physio and soft tissue work. The day continues with a workout before lunch and training well into the evening. Where I can, I also try to fit in school talks and various other media appearances.
Who are your heroes?
I am inspired by ideas. My real heroes, the people who I draw most inspiration from, are individuals who have made a real impact on the world. Either by excelling in their chosen field, like Einstein, or by having the courage to make a change, like Martin Luther King.

In what way have your Phonak hearing devices helped you achieve your goals to date?
Without my hearing aids I would really struggle to conduct myself in the way I want to. Hearing aids make my life possible.

What would your message be to other people with struggle with a hearing loss?
Don't give up! Keep pushing for the best to help you be who you want to be. Never be shy or embarrassed about being deaf

What are your thoughts about the Paralympics being held in London?
London hosting the Olympic Games is exciting, but holding the Paralympic games will change people's attitudes towards disability. I hope it leaves a legacy of disabled people who believe they can do anything!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
When I manage to find some spare time I like to take the opportunity to relax. This usually involves chilling out with a computer on my lap or reading, listening to audiobooks, TV, films etc…

Ben GB Paralympic teamBen Rushgroves Achievements

A talented teenage sprinter, Ben collected his first major international medal on the world stage by winning bronze over 200m at the Assen 2006 IPC Athletics World Championships.

His achievement was all the more remarkable as just two days before the event he had suffered the disappointment of being disqualified on a technicality from the final of the T36 100m. He continued the theme of succeeding in the face of adversity when winning silver in the 100m in Beijing, despite running with a broken bone in his foot.

After winning Paralympic World Cup gold over 100m in 2009 he went to the IPC Athletic Championships in Christchurch in 2011 and came home with a silver medal over 100m and a bronze over 200m.

International Highlights

  • Ben training2011 IPC Athletic Championships 100m silver, 200m bronze
  • 2010 German National Disability Championships 100m silver, 200m bronze
  • 2009 Paralympic World Cup 100m gold
  • 2008 Paralympics silver (T36 100m)
  • 2007 Paralympic World Cup: Golds (T36 100m & T36 200m – WR)
  • 2006 World Champs Bronze (T36 200m)
  • 2005 European Champs 7th (T36 100m), 6th (T36 200m)
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By Karen Redfern

Comments (2)

29th February 2012
* This is great! Not letting a hearing loss stop you achieving your goals! Good luck for London also!!

Chris Cartwright
1st March 2012
* It's really important for hearing impaired children to have role models and to be inspired by those people who achieve success. Good luck to you Ben, Hope you win!

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